A New Perspective on Preaching

From Dr. Reg Dunlap

I believe the expository preaching of a Biblical text in the power of the Holy Spirit is the greatest need of the hour. Such preaching is more than the announcing of facts, but it is proclaiming the truth of the Gospel which results in conviction of sin, salvation by faith, and the changing of one's life. It must be done with authority, passion, courage and urgency. It must always be Christ-centered. By that I mean, the truth of His life, death, resurrection and glorious return must be presented in some aspect of the sermon.

But much of today's preaching has deviated from that which I have just described. Instead of being powerful, passionate and penetrating, much of contemporary preaching has lost its authority and relevancy. The reason for this, I believe, is because we have failed to lift up the Person of Jesus Christ in much of our preaching. We have stopped preaching the whole Gospel that Jesus Christ is Savior, Lord, Teacher and Example.

Unlike other religions, the Christianity of the New Testament is without equal in that it is distinctively a preaching affair. To put it in the pointed language of the Apostle Paul, Christianity exists "by the foolishness of preaching" (I Corinthians 1:21). And what is the purpose of such preaching according to Paul: "to save them that believe" (I Corinthians 1:21). That, I say, must be the divine goal of each sermon we as ministers preach - evangelizing the non-Christian and edifying the Christian.

Out of the thousands of sermons I have preached in evangelistic crusades, Bible conferences, and evangelical churches in different parts of the world, here are a limited number of audio sermons you may enjoy hearing. Others will be added every few months as they are made available.