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  • Bonnie Cameron from Stonington,Ct writes:

    Pastor Reg,
    I love this website. You are a wonderful Pastor and friend. I pray many will find this site so they can hear the word from you no matter where they are.
    Thank you for being who you are. And Thank God for allowing you to be in our lives. You have been a personal blessing to me.


  • Carolyn Nichols from Charlestown, RI writes:

    Hi Pastor Reg, I listened to one of your sermons this morning. I was very blessed indeed. Thank you for many blessings this morning.
    Carolyn Nichols

  • Sue Bowman from Baltimore, Maryland writes:

    Hi Dad,
    I love your new website. This is such a wonderful resource for believers and non-believers alike! I am so happy to be able to hear you preach again!
    I am so proud to have you as my Father!
    Love you,

  • Bill MacCall from Ashaway, RI writes:

    Hi Reg,
    Finally got to look. Seems great. May all who come here be blessed.


  • Anton Obermann from Westerly, RI writes:

    Hi Reg,

    I finally got to check out your new site.

    Good Job, I like it. I'm sure that you will bless many with it, and also that you will be blessed as well.

    Your pal, Obie