Prayer Partner Fellowship

One of the greatest privileges of a believer is to become a partner with God in helping to proclaim the good news of salvation to a lost world. As the Apostle Paul wrote to the believers at Corinth: "We are laborers together with God" (I Corinthians 3:9). The Apostle John declared: "We are fellow helpers to the truth" (III John 8).

This website, Preaching the Word - Around the World, sponsored by the Evangelism For Christ Association, is a faith work made possible through the prayers and gifts of interested friends throughout the world. If these messages have been a blessing to you, please write an email and let us know.

We hope you will consider supporting the Evangelism For Christ Association. You can send your tax deductible gift to the address on the right or make a contribution with your credit/debit card by clicking the button at the top on the right. Thank you and God bless.